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The Many Interesting Blackjack Facts

There are a lot of interesting blackjack facts that are associated with this popular game. Some of these are compiled below:

Blackjack, a very popular casino card game all over the world, was originally a game in France called “vingt-et-un”. This version of the game was developed in the 1700s.

There are many purported precursor games of Blackjack. One of these is the abovementioned French card game. Another game is of Spanish origin; and another is of Roman origin.

Blackjack is the favorite card game of Emperor Napoleon, one of history’s most popular and successful strategists.

There are more than a hundred and forty countries in the entire world that have legal casinos offering blackjack to their gambling patrons. Nowadays you can enjoy this game in any casino.

“Blackjack” is an American moniker for the game. The original name of the game is “21”. “Blackjack” was derived from the special bets that were provided by the early casinos of the 1920s and 1930s.

“21” is an appropriate term since this is the main goal of the game as well as beating the dealer.

21 is the best hand in the game; with 20 as the second best hand and 11 as the third best.

In terms of odds, in 100 hands, 48 of those will be won by the dealer and only 44 will be won by the player. Of the 100 hands, 8 will be ties. The advantage of the dealer is gained because the dealer plays his hand last.

Casinos frown upon card counting strategies. When casinos suspect players of being card counters, they are quietly asked to leave. “Quietly” being a subjective term that is dependent on what the suspected card counter’s reaction will be.

Casinos reserve the right to refuse service to anyone they suspect has an advantage over the house.

Blackjack dealers love big tippers. This is because they earn minimum wage. A big tipper is referred to as “George”.

Players of the best caliber are inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Authors, pro players and system creators are inducted in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. It is located in San Diego at the Barona Casino. Individuals who are inducted in the Blackjack Hall of Fame may have trouble playing a game in any casino though— if they are recognized by casino management.

Other interesting blackjack facts encompass the entire card deck as a whole. The deck of cards that are used in blackjack have a lot in common with a calendar. There are 52 cards in a deck which correspond to the weeks of the year. There are fours suits which correspond to the four seasons. There are 12 picture cards which correspond to the 12 months and there are 13 cards for each suit which correspond to the 13 lunar cycles of the year.

There are six actions that are available to the blackjack player during each hand. The first is the hit, the second- stand, the third-split, four-double down, fifth-take insurance and the last is to surrender.

Probably one of the most useful of the interesting blackjack facts is that taking insurance is a futile action as statistically, players are more than likely to lose than to win.