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All about the Blackjack Hall of Fame

How It Came About

The Blackjack Hall of Fame came about in 2002 and consisted of 21 blackjack legends - from luminaries to professional players to authors - all of which were nominated to be known as the 7 ultimate champions of the game. During the first month, the general public could make their votes online, but the final selections were chosen by several elite professional blackjack players who could really appreciate the accomplishments and intelligence of those people.

Interestingly enough, the chosen winners that were revealed at the Blackjack Ball of 2003 were extremely similar to the online finalists.

For the first year, 7 players in total were chosen, while 2 were added for the several consecutive years after that. Although the reasons aren't too clear to people outside of the Blackjack Hall of Fame circle, it is now only limited to a single new member every year.

The Barona Casino

Although the members of this Hall of Fame all seem to have dubious relationships when it comes to casinos, Lakeside, California's Barona Casino hosts all of the articles associated to the Hall of Fame and even throws high-stakes tournaments that are televised - quite an unusual arrangement. Lots of movies are shot. But what could visitors really expect from the casino that honors the ultimate in casino anti-heroes ever known?

There are two more sections that feature traditional items like detailed plaques with biographies and portraits and different types of cheating devices that have been used through the years, a lot of which were made by the actual inductees. Trick cards, special computers set in shoes, hidden cameras, and many more ingenious knick knacks that have pushed the limits in perfecting blackjack games can be found here. Each blackjack hero wants his name to be inscribed in the Hall of Fame.

Aside from being world-renowned as one of the greatest innovators, players and authors of blackjack, the members also get honorary lifetime complimentary rooms, dining and beverages from the Barona Casino - provided they never play in their casino, that is.

Anybody who enjoys playing blackjack or finds outstanding real-life stories incredibly interesting will benefit from learning about these icons. Although they may not have household names, they have definitely changed the blackjack game forever.