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Top 5 Blackjack Movies

There are a lot of blackjack movies out there today. So, if you like playing blackjack or simply enjoy watching the action that goes on at blackjack tables, you are sure to love watching the top 5 blackjack movies listed here, as well. Enjoy!

1. Jinxed (1982)

This black comedy takes part in the so-called American city Loserville and revolves around a casino gambler who ends up as a victim of a more ruthless gambler. There is also a lounge singer of Las Vegas involved along with the lout that she has to live with, as well as a young dealer of blackjack that the lout jinxed at his very own table. This movie is the last film that Don Siegel ever directed.

2. Blackjack, Slots, and Craps Winning Strategies (2005)

There are three programs put together here that can give gamblers the actual skills that they need to get better winnings at games of craps, blackjack, and slots. Before going to the casino, it would be recommended for players to learn these methods, which have all been tested by a best-selling author of various gaming guides, Frank Scoblete. In the section of blackjack, instructors will even show you when to stand or hit. Tested on computers, these strategies have proven to successfully stretch one's wallet by teaching players how to win more and stay away from unnecessary losses.

3. 60 Minutes to Winning Blackjack (2005)

Delivering as promised, this detailed instructional program actually walks aspiring blackjack players through the basics that they need to know, giving them the chance to strategize with both skill and confidence. This tutorial clearly shows that there is no need to depend on luck when it comes to blackjack, as card counting is an art and a science. Complete with practice segments, viewers can actively test out their new-found tips and later use it to guarantee success at blackjack tables.

4. Essential Blackjack (2006)

This is a comprehensive blackjack guide that aims to make viewers familiar with its basic strategies and blackjack rules. By finding out about managing money and getting a better understanding of blackjack, viewers are given the necessary tools to hit the tables with grace and confidence.

5. 21 (2008)

This movie is based on a true story as it chronicles the infamous MIT 6 blackjack casino events. Banned from entering casinos himself, Professor Rosa ends up recruiting 5 incredibly bright MIT math stars and trains them to count cards. During the weekends, they then go to Las Vegas with fake identities and earn millions of dollars in the process. Eventually, greed sets in and things start to fall apart, thanks to casino security. But they became the blackjack heroes anyway.