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Blackjack Probabilities - How They Can Help Your Game

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a card game that focuses more on basic mathematics than skills, really. However, even with basic math in hand, there is no guarantee that you will win. Instead, you can place yourself in a great position with blackjack probabilities to become lucky in the game, which is pretty much the most you can do here.

What are Blackjack Probabilities?

Naturally, there is no way you can win every single hand when you play blackjack and there will always be that chance that you will lose. However, with math, you could gain a huge advantage. Here is a table of various blackjack probabilities related to busting each hand. Try to memorize this chart as best as you can since it can help you find out the chances of busting before you make your move. Stand only if the percentage is not a favorable one.

Hand value

Percentage of busting


100% Favorable


Highly Favorable




Not Favorable

11 and under

0% Favorable

What Casinos Do

Casinos always tend to make sure that they hold the game's advantage and they actually have a 2% higher chance of winning hands compared to anybody else at the beginning of each hand because they act last, allowing other players to bust first. If you take into consideration the amount of people who bust before the act of the dealer, it is quite remarkable how they win before doing anything. Naturally, each casino game comes with an advantage to the house, though; otherwise they wouldn't offer that game up to play in the first place. You can also check out the blackjack download feature, which allows staying home and playing.

What You Should Do

To get the percentage to go down, you need to make sure that you memorize the chart of blackjack probabilities above, which is important because you should know how difficult it actually is to hit the right cards. You should also take a look at the face-up card of the dealer, so you can consider how high the chances are of him busting. If you are holding 16, for example, and you see the 5 of the dealer, he will most likely bust, so stick to your hand. On the other hand, if the card of the dealer is an 8, you should think about taking a hit, just in case. Do not try to play like James Bond from the blackjack movies.

Blackjack has a lot to do with odds and math, so after you learn about percentages, you can definitely get better at your game. It also opens the door for you to learn more advanced strategies of blackjack.