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I remember exactly - at my 21st anniversary I’ve got a book where I've learned that you can beat casino playing blackjack. And there are people that make it their full time job. I read the whole book and you know this made more for my maths than both school and college together :). I've realized that online blackjack can be as much profitable as fun. Blackjack is one of the most interesting games that you can play at any online casino. Fortunately, today the number of online casinos is pretty high so anyone can find something attractive to him.

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Blackjack Extras

Blackjack is not just cards, dealer and players. It is also a lot of films, books and legendary personalities, who have changed the total look of the casino gambling.

Blackjack Must Know

If you’ve just started to play blackjack you must learn some basic materials which are obligatory for all the players. The best way to beat the casino and dealer is to understand how to implement you knowledge.

But 2 years and $7300 later (oh, Vegas!) I finally got the idea that you cannot count for any blackjack strategy in the long term. I won, but I also lost a lot and finally I’ve understood that time to change something in my gambling has come. And then I've opened poker. To be honest, this game was not so interesting as blackjack, though I’ve got to know a lot of interesting about card games and different methods which can be implemented while you are playing them.

I played poker a lot, but as poker differs from blackjack and one of the differences made me turn back to 21. This game is not you vs. big bad casino, it's you vs. other players. And when your skills are better, you make better decisions. It doesn't matter if you win or lose the round - long term win is for the skilled one and in fact, it can bring more than any other game that is presented at traditional and online casinos.

Poker is game where you should not only know all the rules, but also to have an idea of players’ psychology. Not all of the online poker players can play at traditional casino. Besides, the level of competition is too high. I saw a lot of players, who were very good in poker, but there was always one, who was able to bluff better than others and to cheat in different ways. The same you can see when you play Hollywood Boulevard, Cleopatra slots or any common gambling game like roulette or bingo – there is always one who is better than you. But playing blackjack you may feel as a king, because you play against dealer only and you do not mind what happens with other players. Of course, you can get a French roulette fun or a kind of experience from bingo games or slot machines, but sooner or later you will come back to blackjack game. Fortunately, there are really many online casinos that offer you lots of games and attractive gambling options to enjoy them more.

If you are a seasoned blackjack player, you certainly have favorite places to play at. But the thing is - you should try something new once in a while. There's no reason to avoid online casino, because online gambling houses always have to offer something. Check out table of top casinos for free welcome bonuses at all of the top casinos online and more. Remember, online gambling is a field for everyone to receive better gambling opportunities than ever before.

The latest trend in the gambling world is playing different games on your mobile phone. Almost all online casinos are currently developing mobile apps to play the best slot and table games directly from your mobile device. The most popular mobile phones to gamble are the Apple iPhone and all Android powered devices like Samsung and Nokia. When you play blackjack while using the All Slots Casino app, you are playing an amazingly realistic simulation of a real blackjack game at a land-based casino. This is more than a simulation in your iPhone casino. You are actually playing by betting and hopefully winning real money. If you are still pretty unfamiliar with mobile gambling, it makes sense to gather information at mobile casino information portal. The site gives you exact information so you gamble at the correct provider right from the beginning. But here you will also find information, which I wanted to share for a long time and it concerns blackjack game. You may play it in traditional way and online or using your mobile. Just choose the perfect place for your gambling like! Any establishment, that considers itself the best online casino will offer you a wide choice of exciting games to play right on your mobile device and of course, will provide you with blackjack software and best online casino bonus ever. You deserve to play only the best games!

If you want to try some other casino cards games, we recommend you to pay attention to poker. It is not like blackjack, but these games have some features that make them a little bit similar. If you are ready to play casino poker, you just need to visit one of the awe-inspiring games online casinos among those we have to offer. Online casino poker is amongst the most popular of all casino games. For this reason, players can find an enormous range of poker games at this first-class online casino.

So if you want to win - get skills with me. Hope my site on online blackjack will help you with it. Make your game a lucky blackjack game. Some blackjack online ideas are good to know and I am sure, you will be glad to find them at!

I must say, the Australians are lucky to have such internet gambling. They are being willingly served by almost all virtual casinos no matter what software they use, under whose license they operate and where their servers are based. Therefore Australia has a very wide range of online gambling games. Besides the mentioned opportunities many reputable online casinos allow customers from the "green continent" to deposit and wager using user-friendly Australian dollars and some of them even offer free support.

Top Rated Blackjack Players

  • Edward O. Thorp

    Edward O. Thorp

    All blackjack players, who consider themselves to professional know about one of the best ways of beating the dealer at blackjack – card-counting. But not all the player know who was the person developed this method. Edward Thorp is known not only due to developing of card counting but also due to his books, which helped a lot of people to understand the games of blackjack.

  • Al Franceso

    Al Francesco

    Al Francesco is one of the followers of Edward Thorp’s method. He started his gambling career with using the card counting method but he did not succeed at the game. He continued developing his skills and when he went back at the casino, he was able to beat the casino. Al Francesco was so skilful blackjack player, that a lot of casinos tried to ban his attendance.

  • Ken Uston

    Ken Uston

    There are a lot of people who devoted their lives to blackjack but only some of them are famous due to their gambling. Ken Uston is one those, who are know due to their gambling career all over the world. He was professional blackjack player who designed his own gambling strategy which could help him beat the dealer. His personality was famous among all the casino gamblers and even today he is considered to be the best blackjack player ever.