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Blackjack - The Most Famous Players in History

Naturally, there is no dire need to think about the past when you play online blackjack. However, the game does become more interesting when you find out about the blackjack pioneers who have turned the game into what it is now. Here they are.

Tommy Hyland

He has the most accomplished and oldest existing blackjack team in history. Hyland has put various techniques to use worldwide to win millions and has defended the overall rights of players in court.

Al Francesco

This man was the pioneer of the team-playing method of blackjack. He became famous because of Uston's "Big Player" book, which ironically also brought about the end of his game playing since bars immediately banned him from their tables.

Ken Uston

He was a player of Francesco's method and exposed those methods in "The Big Player", which made him famous. These techniques were later put to use by famous teams, including the Czech team, the MIT team and the Hyland team. Ken also ended up creating several accomplished teams and fought for the rights of players in court.

Arnold Synder

He is the editor of a trade journal online meant for expert gamblers, the "Blackjack Forum", and he has been since 1981. This particular periodical happens to be of the utmost essence to every serious gambling student out there, most of all when it comes to blackjack. Synder himself has been playing blackjack professionally for 25 years now and has written two important books on the subject: "The Blackjack Formula" and "The Blackjack Shuffle Tracker's Cookbook".

Edward O. Thorp

Also called "Blackjack's Einstein", he is the father of counting cards. Basically, he brought about the whole method of it and showed how successful of a strategy it can be - even publishing a book called "Beat the Dealer" that became a bestseller on the New York Times. The book changed the gambling scene and brought blackjack to the attention of many gamblers, while making a lot of casinos nervous at the same time. Thorp later became a stock market genius.

Peter Griffin

A smart mathematician, Griffin focused his skills on studying blackjack. He wrote the "Theory of Blackjack" reference and came up with the terms "playing efficiency" and "betting correlation" when it came to evaluating strategies like the card counting system.

Stanford Wong

He is an accomplished expert at blackjack, as well as a prolific author. His very first book was called "Professional Blackjack" and practically every serious player of the game has read it since it reveals his successful and one-of-a-kind methods of playing and, ultimately, winning. In fact, "Wonging" has become a term to define his innovative card counting method.