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The Top 10 Blackjack Books

Here is a list of the 10 books that professional blackjack players usually recommended to their fellow players. Enjoy!

1. Beat the Dealer - Edward O. Thorp

Edward Thorp wrote it back in the 1960s, this happens to be the original bible of counting cards. Today, strategies are much more basic, but this remains to be a must-have for any true blackjack lover.

2. Blackjack Attack - Don Schlesinger

If you are already more advanced at counting cards and already know most of the strategies, this book can you give you more detailed explanations and explorations of the strategies' statistics, as well as how they should be applied.

3. Blackbelt in Blackjack - Arnold Snyder

Arnold Snyder happens to be a legend of blackjack and this book of his is written for players who want to earn real money while playing blackjack. There are simple yet effective tips here, as well as various strategies and explanations with beginners in mind.

4. Blackjack Bluebook II - Fred Renzey

Find basic card counting strategies here, as well as their alternatives at various complexity levels fit for any kind of player.

5. Burning the Tables in Las Vegas - Ian Andersen

This book covers blackjack systems and strategies and a lot of basic gambling advice that includes psychology, money management, and health importance in becoming a successful gambler. In fact, the author himself is a real-life high roller in the game.

6. Knock-Out Blackjack - Vancura, Olaf, and Ken Fuchs

This book is a straightforward and clear guide that beginners and more casual players seem to favor. It may not be as effective as the more complicated strategies are, but it is definitely a popular method to try out.

7. Million Dollar Blackjack - Ken Uston

Several find the strategies here a bit too complicated for today's day and age, but it is still a classic read for people who are interested in the history of the game by Uston. There are also some good stories included regarding the real-life experiences of the writer during the 1970s and 1980s.

8. Play Blackjack Like the Pros - Kevin Blackwood

In this book, you can find basic strategies, various systems of counting cards and entertaining anecdotes - definitely a good read.

9. Professional Blackjack - Stanford Wong

This classic book is known as the greatest reference of the Hi-Lo card counting system and includes strategy tables and explanations for basic strategies and different rule variations. Written for more serious players and filled with detailed information, it really would not suit a beginner.

10. The Theory of Blackjack - Peter Griffin

This classic work offers up understandable explanations of statistical analysis and methods of counting cards. It is quite the heavy read, but still great for people who find the theory interesting.