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The Difference between Blackjack Download and Instant Play

If you want to play blackjack online, there are two ways in which you can do so: you can either play instantly on your computer's internet browser, or you can go for the online casino's blackjack download.

Instant Play

This option is also known as the online casino's no-download option since there is no need for you to download anything; instead, you can just start playing in mere minutes. However, as with the download option, you would still need to create your own personal account and you can still play for actual money. There is only one limitation sometimes and this has to do with the game selections. Usually, download options have more games, but the most popular ones - like blackjack - are normally included and can be played instantly on your browser. But always check the blackjack probabilities.

This option works with every computer, including Windows, Linux and Mac.

Blackjack Download

The majority of online blackjack players tend to choose this option. Downloading online casino software is usually free anyway and only takes a few minutes. After the software is installed, you will have to create a personal account and deposit money at the casino's cashier. Then, you can start playing a ton of games right away. Online blackjack is a real break through for the people.

Unfortunately, this option can only be used with Windows computers. Linux and Mac users will have to opt for Instant Play.