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The Basic Blackjack Rules

Everybody knows that blackjack is actually possible to beat, unlike other casino games out there. In fact, it was actually possible to count cards when it came to blackjack once upon a time in order to gain advantages in the game. Today, however, changes have been made in the blackjack rules and several decks are sometimes used at once to stop the ability of this card-counting skill from winning.

A useful tip: to understand the game of blackjack better and to learn more about gambling games at all, it is good to try other card games like baccarat, poker, preferans, Écarté; even bingo and keno. Or you can also learn it from youtube.

The Basics

Blackjack uses at least one regular deck of 52 cards, each denomination of which has a point value, as follows: any card from 2 to 10 counts as its own face value; and Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 10 each; and Aces can either be 1 or 11. What you have to do is try to get cards that total as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding that number and beating the dealer at the same time.

The game starts after everybody places their bets onto the table. Then, every player - including the dealer - will get two cards. Usually, players get their cards dealt face-up, though they cannot be touched. In single and double deck games, cards get dealt face-down and can be touched and picked up. In both cases, the cards of the dealers are turned face-up for the convenience of all of the players.

To Hit or Not to Hit

If you choose to hit, you will be given another card, hopefully getting you closer to a total of 21. If you go over 21 after your hit, you will "bust" and lose your bet. That is why you need to know the blackjack basic strategy. Usually, you will need to signal for a hit by pointing at your cards or waving or scratching yourself. Verbal calls are never accepted for a hit. The reason signals are put to use is so that security cameras can settle any possible disputes about hitting.

Choosing to Stand

If you choose to stand, you will not draw anymore cards, hopefully beating the dealer with your current total. To signal a stand, hold a flat palm over your face-up cards or slide your face-down cards under your bet.

What is a Split?

In blackjack rules, if the first cards that you get are of exactly the same denomination, it is possible for you to choose to split your pair to make two bets, the second of which has to be equal to the first bet that you made. Each card will then be used as the initial card in separate hands. Then, the dealer will place one card on each for you to play those hands out normally until you bust or stand. Follow the heroes like Edward Thorp and you will be successful.