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Terms of Use

  • According to clause 7.3, you agree that all the trademarks, intellectual property rights, content material and copyright within this web site will be held as personal property of the company maintaining the website. This implies that all these are owned by us and/or our licensors. As a result, you are allowed to use this material based on our expressed authorization.
  • You also agree that any content material comprised by this web site, is accessible for personal usage. You are prohibited to use our data for commercial reasons. Furthermore, you acknowledge that this content will be downloaded onto one single computer hard drive, which in turn underlines the strict personal purpose.
  • Use of content material, other than mentioned above is strictly forbidden. The same applies for attempts of copying, reproducing, transmitting, displaying, publishing, commercially exploiting the content material, which again is the sole property of the website. Under "content", we understand text, animation, graphics, pictures, images, video clips and any other data belonging to our web site.
  • Under no circumstances, should you edit, reproduce or utilize content and/or material belonging to the web site. Performing such activities in order to advertise, promote or endorse your personal interest, at the expense of our website or any other third party is restricted as well.
  • Regardless the nature of the submitted information (comment and/or chat room product), all of the data will be used for our personal purposes, which of course are subject to these conditions. Personal data is exempt from these provisions.
  • You are hereby authorizing us (perpetually and irrevocably) to edit images and/or photos that were deliberately submitted on our web site. Regardless their form (adopted, cropped, manipulated or original), displaying audiovisual files is not our obligation.
  • Once you have submitted files to our web site, you express your consent to warrant and represent ownership of this material (intellectual property rights and copyright included). Furthermore, your consent is interpreted as being given the permission (from the owner) of using the material and/or displaying the subjects of the material. All of the subjects that are part of the file (audiovisual file) must be at least 16 years old at the time of the creation of such files.


You hereby acknowledge disposing of the existing moral rights in relation with the content of any uploaded file. By doing so, you will agree to report any violations that could harm the provisions of the GTC.