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If you take a look at the way we live our lives today compared to how things were a few years ago, it’s easy to see how almost everything has become digital.  The cherry on top of technology taking over is that nearly everything can now be done in nearly half the usual time, or even less!  So why should things be any different when it comes to the online lottery?  Now that you can play the lotto online, there’s no longer a need for you to make the unnecessary trip to the nearest store to purchase your ticket, or to stand in those long queues.  Here’s why there’s no better than

You can rest assured knowing that PlayUSALotteries is one of the most trusted and reliable online ticket purchasing services out there.  Bringing you all of the best international lottery games, your mind will be blown once you realize that the jackpot prizes that are up for grabs can reach as far as nine digits.  Amongst the selection of games is two of the most popular which are the Mega Millions and the Powerball.  It should come as no surprise that the Powerball is one of the favourites for all lotto enthusiasts considering that the minimum jackpot prize if $40 million.  If those Powerball results impress you, you won’t believe that the biggest jackpot prize ever scooped us was $590, 500, 000 which was one by a single player!  There was no playing around with the second highest jackpot prize either, which was won by two lucky lotto players in November of 1012 and was a jaw-dropping $580 million.  There’s just as good a reason as to why the Mega Millions draw is one of the played games amongst lotto enthusiasts.  After having its first draw in 2002, this USA lottery games holds onto the title of giving off largest recorded lottery win in all of American history. Putting you out of your misery, this was a $656 million annuity value, which is $474 million at cash value, which was won and split between three very lucky players in March of 2012.

Knowing all of that, the cherry on top is that you can enter all of your favourite international lotto games as many times as you want!  Yes, that’s right – you now have even more chances of walking away a lucky lotto winner and a whole lot richer.  What makes your whole gaming experience even better is that you can have a peace of mind knowing that PlayUSALotteries has a 100% payout record for all winnings.

If you had the chance to become unbelievably wealthy sooner than you ever thought possible, could you really let an opportunity like this pass you by?  Yes, we thought so!  With draws that take place twice every week, your lucky numbers could be turning you into a millionaire in no time.  You should definitely try your luck and buy Powerball tickets online now!